Bureaucrat Who Used To Walk Dog In Delhi Stadium Transferred To Ladakh Thyagraj Home Ministry AGMUT Cadre Arunachal Pradesh


New Delhi: Hours after a news report regarding the misuse of facilities at Delhi Thyagraj Stadium by IAS Sanjeev Khirwar and his wife Rinku Dugga, the Home Ministry has acted against the duo. The ministry has transferred Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga, both IAS officers of the AGMUT cadre. Khirwar has been transferred from Delhi to Ladakh and Dugga to Arunachal Pradesh, said the orders issued by the ministry of home affairs (MHA).

A coach had claimed that earlier he used to train till 8 or 8.30 pm. But now they are asked to vacate the ground at 7 o’clock so that IAS officers can walk there with their dogs. The coach said that this is causing problems in his training and practice routine.

Speaking to ANI, a coach from Thyagraj Stadium said, “Yes, it’s true. An IAS officer walks his dog on the athletics track and because of him, we are asked to vacate the stadium by 6:45 pm. We had been given clear instructions that the stadium should be emptied by that time. It is not possible for us to continue with our training at 4 pm in this weather condition. We have asked the authorities to look into the matter.” 

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Meanwhile, former wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt said, “I was really disappointed when I heard the news. This is shocking for all of us that an IAS officer wants to walk his dog and because of that, the athletes have to suffer. If you want to walk your dog, then go to a park instead. I urge the authorities to take appropriate actions on this.”

Earlier, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has directed all government sports centers in the city to remain open till 10 pm. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia gave this information on Thursday. 

“It has come to my notice that sportspersons are facing problems because of the heat and the stadiums get closed by 6 or 7 pm. We are issuing instructions that all sports facilities should remain open till 10 pm so that sportspersons can use them,” Kejriwal said.

Sanjeev had denied the allegations against him and admitted that he sometimes takes the dog for a walk, but denied that it hindered the athletes’ practice.



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