Covid 19 Precaution Dose Gap Not Reduceed By Government Of India Which Could Boost Immunity


New Delhi: The government of India has not reduced time gap for the ‘precaution dose’ of Covid-19 vaccine from nine months to six months, ANI was told by official sources.

The news agency citing some reports said that National Technical Advisory Group of Immunization (NTAGI) was expected to discuss reducing the gap for booster doses in its meeting held Friday.

There are varying views on reducing the gap for booster doses. Dr Suresh Kumar, MD, LNJP hospital Delhi on Monday told the news agency that a precaution dose of the Covid vaccine will be helpful to boost immunity and is important to protect family and society against the pandemic.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Kumar said, “Precaution dose will have a huge impact on Covid-19 surge. Precaution doses are available for free in government hospitals. A precautionary dose will be helpful to boost immunity.”

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“We have seen that after two doses, hospitalisation has reduced. Those who are admitted are those whose vaccination schedule is incomplete. The third dose is important to protect the family and society,” he emphasised.

Dr Kumar raised concerns over the surge in Covid cases in the last few days.

Another report by PTI said that the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) panel, at its meeting on Friday, also discussed reducing the gap between the second and precaution doses of vaccine from nine to six months and administering the additional dose early (before nine months) to those travelling abroad for education, employment, sporting events and business meetings.

But it could not reach a decision on the matter related to the precaution dose, sources told PTI.


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