Delhi Electricity Subsidy From Oct 1, Power Subsidy Only Those Who Want Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that electricity subsidy in the national capital will be given only to those who ask for it starting from October 1, 2022. Making the announcement, Kejriwal said that he has taken the decision in the view of criticism his government is facing in the matter. Currently, consumers in Delhi get ‘zero’ power bill up to 200 units of electricity and a subsidy of Rs 800 on consuming 201 to 400 units of power per month.

“Now cheap electricity will be optional in Delhi. That is, if a power consumer wants electricity subsidy, then he will get free or subsidised electricity from now,” Kejriwal said while addressing a press conference.

“Many people have written to me saying that they are capable so they do not want free electricity. We have decided that we will soon ask people whether they want electricity subsidy,” Kejriwal said. 

We will give options to people whether or not they need electricity subsidy, the CM said further.

Additionally, Kejriwal also announced that the Delhi Cabinet has approved a start-up policy which seeks to provide the youth with financial and procedural help in setting up companies and formed a 20-member task force for the purpose.

“Business Blaster” programme, currently being run in Delhi government schools, will be extended to college students so they could work on their business ideas with seed money from the government, he said. 

“The government will provide financial help to start-ups through collateral-free loan, financial parts of rent and employee salaries. It will form a panel of agencies and experts to provide free help to new start-ups in trademark registration and fulfilling other formalities,” Kejriwal explained further.

Kejriwal also said that a 20-member task force comprising a government officer, academics and business and trade representatives will take call on registration applications from start-ups.

Making the announcement, the CM expressed hope that the policy will lead to a boom in the start-up sector in the city.

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