Friday Prayers At Gyanvapi Mosque Pass Off Peacefully: Police


Varanasi: The Friday namaz’ at the Gyanvapi mosque here passed off peacefully amid tight security arrangements, police said.

In view of the Friday prayer, the police had made strict security arrangements with heavy deployment of forces at gate number four of the Kashi Vishwanath temple, from where ‘namazis’ were allowed to enter, they said.

Earlier, the Anjuman Intazamiya Masajid Committee had appealed to the devotees not to come in large numbers to offer prayers in view of the the ‘wazookhana’ having been sealed.

The ‘wazookhana’ was sealed on a Varanasi court order after some counsel representing Hindu petitioners to the court seeking permission to perform worship of deities at the western wall of the mosque, had claimed that during the court-ordered, a “shivling” was found in the “wazookhana”.

The mosque management committee, however, has claimed that the structure was part of a fountain in the ‘wazookhana’.

Anjuman Intazamiya Masajid Committee secretary M S Yasin said a large number of people reached the mosque to offer Friday prayers but they were asked to return.

Yasin said the district administration had arranged water drums in the mosque premises for devotees and the committee had also appealed to them to maintain peace.

In an appeal issued Friday, the committee had also asked the devotees to refrain from visiting the mosque in large numbers.

It was stated in the appeal that because of the sealing of the ‘wazookhana’ and toilet there are some problems.

“Since the number of namazis remains high during Friday prayers, this problem will increase further. Due to this compulsion, it is an appeal to refrain from coming for namaz in large numbers and like other times offer namaz in mosques of your own localities,” the letter stated.

The appeal communication had also urged people visiting the mosque for the namaz’ to come after performing ‘wazoo’ (ablutions) so that they do not face any problem.

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