Jet Airways 29th Birthday Returns To Skies Operates Test Flight Hyderabad Murari Lal Jalan KalRock Consortium CEO Sanjeev Kumar


New Delhi: The Indian international airline Jet Airways aircraft took off in the sky again on Thursday after more than three years. The airline had shut down its services in April 2019 after being mired in financial trouble. The airline conducted a test to obtain the air operator certificate to and from the Hyderabad airport. Jet Airways gave this information by tweeting the video of the flight. “Today, May 5, our 29th birthday, Jet Airways flew again! An emotional day for all of us who have been waiting, working, and praying for this day, as well as for Jet’s loyal customers who can’t wait for Jet to commence operations again,” wrote Jet Airways while sharing the video.

A Jet Airways spokesperson said that an aircraft of the airline conducted a test flight in Hyderabad today followed by a positioning flight to Delhi. 

“Jet Airways operated a test flight in Hyderabad today & a positioning ferry flight to Delhi thereafter. These were not Jet Airways’ proving flights. We expect to schedule proving flights in coming days, which would be jointly determined with DGCA,” said Jalan-Kalrock Consortium Spox.

After the bankruptcy of Jet Airways, its new CEO Sanjeev Kumar was appointed. Kapoor had said that from October, the airline would once again fly in the sky with a new colour. 

“For all the wonderful folks who have been working hard to get Jet back in the skies,” Kapoor said.

The Thursday flight was a test flight, not a proving flight, he clarified.

“The aircraft will position to Delhi this evening. Proving flight to be scheduled in the coming days from Delhi,” he added.

The company expressed its happiness through social media platforms. Have a look at the posts shared on social media:

The company had stopped flight services in the year 2019 due to huge debt. However, Murari Lal Jalan and the KalRock consortium won Jet Airways’ bid in June 2021 in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)-which monitored the insolvency and resolution process.

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