Kerala Criticised Despite Not Raising Fuel Taxes Since 2016: Kerala CM To Centre


New Delhi: Irked by PM Modi’s remark to non-BJP states to reduce fuel prices during Covid-19 review meeting, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Kerala was criticised “despite not raising fuel taxes since 2016.”

“Unfortunately, Kerala is criticised despite not raising fuel taxes since 2016. Centre has done so 14 times since 2014,” tweeted the Chief Minister adding that “People’s sufferings caused by spiralling fuel prices can’t be alleviated by unreasonably blaming States.”

“It isn’t in tune with Cooperative Federalism’s spirit,” he added. 

“It should not have come from the Prime Minister, who is well aware of the present financial condition of the States which have to bear the lion’s share of social welfare expenses,” the Kerala CM said in a statement. 

He further said that “the effort to imply that the responsibility of price rise in the country does not fall on the Central Government which is in charge of fiscal management, but on the states, should not have happened within a federal system.” 

The Chief Minister requested the Centre to take steps to curb increasing fuel prices through appropriate policies. 

Kerala CM’s remark comes a day after Shiv Sena MP, Sanjay Raut had alleged that the Centre “taunted” chief ministers of states and Union Territories in the recent meeting chaired by PM Narendra Modi. 

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On Wednesday Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had also slammed the Centre saying that the state governments can’t be held responsible for fuel price hike. 

“Today, in the price of one litre of diesel in Mumbai, Rs 24.38 is for the Centre and Rs 22.37 is for the state. In petrol price, 31.58 paise is central tax and 32.55 paise is state tax. Therefore, it is not a fact that petrol and diesel have become more expensive due to the state,” Thackeray had said after attending the meeting with the PM virtually. 

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