Owaisi Condemns Murder Of Hindu Man In Hyderabad, Says ‘Worst Crime In Islam’


New Delhi: Condemning the suspected case of honour killing in Hyderabad earlier this week, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said this is the worst crime in Islam. A Hindu man, Billapuram Nagaraju, was beaten to death by the family of his Muslim wife, Syed Ashrin Sultana, in Saroornagar area in Hyderabad.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Owaisi in a video said in Hindi, “The murder of Nagaraju in Hyderbad is against Islam. The girl married him of her own will and the law upholds this. Her brother had no right to kill her husband. It is a criminal act and the worst crime as per Islam.”

It is to be noted that the couple was attacked with an iron rod, leading to the death of the man, when they were riding on a bike in a busy road in Saroornagar on Wednesday night.

According to police, Billapuram Nagaraju and Syed Ashrin Sultana were collegemates. After their marriage in January this year, Sultana changed her name to Pallavi.

After the death, the deceased’s family had alleged that Nagaraju was killed because his wife’s family was opposed to their interfaith marriage.

Recounting the horrific incident, Sultana, as quoted by news agency ANI said, “We were going home when my brother along with another person came on a motorcycle and pushed my husband (Nagaraju) & started beating him. In the beginning, I didn’t know it was my brother who was attacking him. They kept on beating him on his head, he was bleeding a lot. I sought help from people around me, but nobody came forward to help. I saw the face of my brother. I begged him to leave my husband and stop beating him, but he did not listen to me. Nagaraju was wearing his helmet, but due to the assault, it was damaged and so was his head.”

The accused have been identified as Syed Mobin Ahmed, brother of Ashrin Sultana and Mohammed Masood Ahmed.

The ACP LB Nagar along with his team apprehended Syed Mobin and Masood Ahmed within hours and seized the iron rod and knife used to commit the crime.

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