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New Delhi: After meeting the people of the Indian community in Copenhagen, Denmark, PM Modi could not stop himself and started trying his hand on the drum on Tuesday. 

The video of PM Modi playing the drum is going viral on social media. 

PM Modi, who was in Denmark on Tuesday, is on his three-day visit to Europe and will now visit France next before coming back to India.

Earlier, in Berlin also, Modi was seen playing drums among the Indian community.

Earlier, addressing the Indian community in Copenhagen, Modi also said that all Indian people stand together to protect the nation and join hands in nation-building. 

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Amidst the slogans of ‘Modi, Modi’ and ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’, the Prime Minister also said that wherever one goes in the world, an Indian person sincerely contributes for the cause of his Karmabhoomi, for that country. 

PM Modi said, “Inclusiveness and cultural diversity is that strength of the Indian community which gives us a sense of liveliness every moment… It might be any language, but the culture of all of us is Indian.”

“Many times when I meet world leaders, they proudly tell me about the achievements of the Indian community settled in their countries.,” he said.

“You should inspire at least five of your friends to visit India…and people will say ‘Chalo India’. This is the work you all ‘rashtradoot’ have to do,” he told the members of the Indian community.

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