Rahul Gandhi Hits Out At KCR


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in his public address in Telangana’s Warangal on Friday said that his party is in solidarity with the farmers of the state. Taking a dig at Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, he said that the Telangana people thought a government for the poor will be formed but now there is a king instead of a chief minister.

“Telangana people thought a govt for poor will be formed but it did not happen; today there is a ‘king’ instead of CM,” news agency PTI quoted the Congress leader as saying.   

Continuing his attack on the CM, Gandhi said, “What happened to Telangana’s dream of progress; only one family benefitted immensely.”

Talking about the Warangal Declaration, he said that this is not just a declaration but every word of it is a guarantee to the farmers from the Congress.

According to a report of news agency ANI, Rahul Gandhi said that the farmers need not be scared. As soon as the Congress forms the government in the southern state, Rs 2 lakh (farm) loans will be waived off and the farmers will get the right to MSP. This will be done in a few month-time (of Congress forming govt), Gandhi said.

The leader further said that Congress knew it will suffer losses but it still stood with people of Telangana to give them a new state.

Extending his support to the farmers, he said the dream of Telangana will never be fulfilled if the farmers are weak since they are the foundation of the southern state.

“We will topple TRS in elections and it will be a direct battle between Congress and TRS… The person who has ruined the dream of Telangana, and stolen lakhs and crores from the youth, poor, we will not forgive them,” ANI quoted him as saying.

“BJP knows Congress will never end up in a deal with them, which is why it wants TRS govt in Telangana. Its proof is that Telangana CM can steal as much money as he wants and BJP govt (Centre) doesn’t send ED after him,” he added.

He further said that Congress tickets for the elections will be given on a merit basis, irrespective of one’s power. “If you are not with the poor, farmers, you will not get the Congress ticket,” Gandhi added.

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